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1-You recognize the limitations of the data and understand that National Defence (DND) does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy, completeness or currency of the data for any specific use

  • Warning: Neither the organizations collecting water temperature data, nor any person acting on behalf of any of them, assume any liability for the misuse or misunderstanding of the data. The user is expected to make the final evaluation of the appropriateness and the accuracy of the data and calculations in his (or her) own set of circumstances.

2 – 5th Canadian Division Support Group ( 5 CDSG) Environmental Services Branch, DND shall be provided prior notification of any proposed use of the data in reports, publications, presentations or other documents or media.

3- The citation below shall be used in all references to water temperature  data coming from 5 CDSG Environmental Services Branch, DND.

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Réseau de température des rivières à saumon